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The foundation of corporate business has become increasingly driven by contractual arrangements. Business relationships now, more than ever, commence with the negotiation and drafting of the underlying contract/agreement and than is driven by its observence (or enforcement where there iss a failure to comply with its terms and conditions). Contracts, as opposed to a handshake or a verbal assurance, have come to dominate corporate relations to such a degree that the legal component has come to outweigh the business objectives, which can adversely impact the results of the contractual arrangements. This must be carefully accounted for by legal counsel such that the optimal result might be realized (as opposed be subsumed by inconsequential legal obligations).

As your corporate lawyer, we understand the significance of designing the appropriate contract/agreement for the advancement of the company's business. By striving to integrate the company's core business objectives into the legal framework that is the contract, we aim to make the realization of those objectives not only possible, but more efficient, so as to improve the capacity for its realization and results. This is not a simplistic process, but one driven by an ability to understand and dissect the business and its operations, such that the appropriate contractual provisions are drafted and properly integrated into the agreement and thereafter applied for purposes of the business' advancement.

Given the significance of legal decisions to your corporate actions, it is important that you retain the experienced counsel of the right lawyer to provide that all important legal direction that your business requires. Given the incredible potential that your company possesses, and the countervailing forces that are constantly seeking to derail your progress, you need to insure that you surround yourself with the right people to drive progress forward, while guarding against the dangers that abound in the commercial world.

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Corporate law in Calgary and Alberta is driven in part by statute and the interpretation / application thereof. A key statute is the Business Corporations Act (Alberta), with the following being a segment thereof that is of significance:

"Disclosure by directors and officers in relation to contracts
120(1) A director or officer of a corporation who
(a) is a party to a material contract or material transaction or proposed material contract or proposed material transaction with the corporation, or
(b) is a director or an officer of or has a material interest in any person who is a party to a material contract or material transaction or proposed material contract or proposed material transaction with the corporation,
shall disclose in writing to the corporation or request to have entered in the minutes of meetings of directors the nature and extent of the director’s or officer’s interest.
(2) Subject to subsection (3), the disclosure required by subsection (1) shall be made, in the case of a director,
(a) at the meeting at which a proposed contract or transaction is first considered,
(b) if the director was not interested in a proposed contract or transaction at the time of the meeting referred to in clause (a), at the first meeting after the director becomes so interested,
(c) if the director becomes interested after a contract or transaction is made, at the first meeting after the director becomes so interested, or
(d) if a person who is interested in a contract or transaction later becomes a director, at the first meeting after the director becomes a director.
(3) Where a proposed contract or transaction is dealt with by resolution under section 117 instead of at a meeting, the disclosure that would otherwise be required to be made in accordance with subsection (2)(a) or (b) shall be made
(a) forthwith on receipt of the resolution, or
(b) if the director was not interested in the proposed contract or transaction at the time of receipt of the resolution, at the first meeting after the director becomes so interested. ...."

It should nevertheless be noted that this represents merely an extract from the statute, with the full text being available at the following link. Also, it is advisable in almost all circumstances to engage knowledgeable legal counsel to deal with matters of a legal nature and how the provincial statute impacts your business.

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