Specialized In-House Legal Counsel

Christopher R. Neufeld

Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation


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This highly specialized practise area enables select medium-sized companies to receive a personalised legal service without employing a full-time lawyer or recruiting an in-house legal department.1

Our in-house legal option combines the flexibility associated with a conventional law firm and the personalized dedication of having on-site lawyer focused on the business' overall development. Such a strategic option represents the best of both worlds for the corporate client, as it gains from the benefits of both options, while reducing the weaknesses associated with either option.

As your quasi in-house lawyer, we can work from your office, our office or, and most commonly, a combination of the two. Typically, attendance at your office takes place for a substantial portion of between one and three days per week and then on an hourly basis outside these days, if required. We will typically correspond with third parties using your stationary and email address and will, for all intents and purposes, be your own in-house legal counsel.

With such an approach, corporate clients are apt to experience considerable advantages in working with a lawyer who gets to know them and their business well. Having a commercially astute lawyer working closely with your business at the start of any initiative often results in a quicker and more cost-effective implementation of the business plan. In-house legal counsel has a better understanding of the business, its products and strategy and tend to free up the directors of the business to concentrate on the business aspects of the deal.

Other key commercial responsibilities includes optimizing commercial contracts and corporate transactions, undertaking the company secretarial function and alleviating or minimizing potential disputes, as well as advising on employment issues.

Notes: 1. Please be advised that this is a very selective service that is only offered under very specific circumstances and only after careful and thorough consideration by Neufeld Legal P.C., with the final determination residing exclusively with ourselves. Although many companies may seek this particular service, it is only provided to those whom we have determined fit into our business plans and can be properly serviced.

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