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Launching a company with significant growth potential (be it in the oil & gas, technology, manufacturing or other relevant high-growth business sector) is driven by long-term objective results, with the end goal being not only to realize sustainable and growing year-over-year financial returns, but ultimately either to have the company acquired at a substantial buy-out price or to take the company public, via an initial public offering (I.P.O.), and thereby realize a significant return on your investment and commitment to the company's development.

Taking a company public is a substantive undertaking, which requires considerable planning from the outset of starting-up the company and thereafter on a continuing basis so as to implement and adapt the plan in order to to realize the objective goal. And given that your investors, colleagues and employees are driven in large part by the company's pursuit of increasing corporate share value, there is a lot riding on this process.

And as much of the process is driven by the law and how the law intersects with both corporate business development and the realization of investor / shareholder value. The potential for capitalizing upon such opportunities is considerable, as is the prospect of making significant errors and/or failing to optimize the revenue / profit potential, such that retaining the appropriate professionals is of particular importance, including the right law firm. And that is where Neufeld Legal P.C. comes into the picture, as your corporate law firm for advancing your high potential business from inception to initial public offering (IPO) or as it might otherwise develop. 

For more information on the legal services of Neufeld Legal P.C., with respect to orchestrating and implementing the appropriate growth plan for your privately-held company that could ultimately result in it being taken public through an Initial Public Offering [or utilize this IPO strategy to the company and its shareholders ultimate investment advantage], contact corporate lawyer Christopher Neufeld at or 403-400-4092.

The law offices of Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation (headquartered at 1600, 144 4th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta) are directed at provided businesses in Calgary, and throughout Alberta, with experienced legal services that are intended to assist in the advancement of business-related legal projects, from contracts and buying/selling a business to joint ventures / strategic partnerships and commercial financing. Much of my professional and personal drive emanates from a desire to truly understand the inner workings of business and how it is possible to make businesses succeed and thrive financial, which I have sought to bring to my legal practice and work with business leaders who are striving to make the most of their opportunities, while overcoming substantial challenges as they arise. Calgary. Legal Disclaimer. Privacy Policy. Copyright 2013.